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Shanghai ICEMA refrigeration technology co., LTD.is a technology-basede nterprise that pay attention to user's experience. According to customer requirements,Company can produce intermediate,low and ultra low temperature refrigeration system,covering cooling, keeping fresh, cold storing , freezing,quick freezing and other fields, our machines not only have a large market share in China, and also be exported to Southeast Asia,Africa,Middle East,South America ,Europe and other countries.
According to the developing requirement of the market, ICEMA refrigeration technology co., LTD., has developed a group of standard machines for customers in all industries,including brine refrigeration block ice machine, direct refrigeration block ice machine(high quality aluminum plate),tube ice machine,seawater type flake ice machine, freshwater type flake ice machine, plate ice machine, slurry ice machine, cube ice machine,water chiller, rake ice storage, spiral ice storage, fruits,vegetables and meat cold storage, spiral ice feed system, etc. In Suzhou we have our OEM factory that is specialized to provide all kinds of air condenser and terminal devices of air condition.
ICEMA refrigeration technology co., LTD. has developed a high tech sophisticated (high efficiency,refined skills,hard working) technical team and a good (good attitude, fast response, good cost)after-sales service team. More than ten years ICEMA people take actions that is based on customer’s interests, and treat service quality as with service quality as the criterion, we get high praise from our customers from all industries. Recently, we will cooperate with Alibaba to establish the enterprise credit system certification, we will use the equipment quality and service quality to create a trump card of refrigeration industry.

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(Address):No.401,Luzhuang,Changfa South Road,Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province,China
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Address:No.401,Luzhuang,Changfa South Road,Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province,China

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